Drake Bell: Drake & Josh star found safe now, after being reported missing.

Drake Bell, best known for his role in the hit Nickelodeon show

"Drake & Josh," was reported missing and endangered by police on June 4, 2021. The news came as a shock to his fans, who were worried about his sudden disappearance.

Fortunately, Bell was found safe shortly after the news of his disappearance broke. According to the police department, he was located in the Los Angeles area and was in good health.

While the details surrounding Bell\’s disappearance remain unclear, his fans have breathed a collective sigh of relief that he has been found safe. Many took to social media to express their concern and excitement at the news of his safe return.

Drake Bell former co-star on “Drake & Josh,” Josh Peck, also took to Twitter to express his relief at the news. “I love you brotha,” he tweeted. “So glad you\’re safe, on my way to hug you.”

Bell and Peck starred together in “Drake & Josh” from 2004 to 2007, and the show remains a fan favorite to this day. The show followed the lives of stepbrothers Drake Parker (played by Bell) and Josh Nichols (played by Peck), who often found themselves in hilarious situations while trying to navigate their blended family.

Bell has remained active in the entertainment industry since “Drake & Josh” ended, pursuing a career in both music and acting. He has released several albums and EPs, and has appeared in a number of TV shows and movies, including a recent stint on ABC\’s “The Gong Show.”

While his exact whereabouts during the time he was reported missing remain unknown, Bell\’s safety has been confirmed and his fans can rest easy knowing he is okay. With his talent and charm, it\’s certain that we\’ll be seeing a lot more of him in the years to come.

In the meantime, we can all continue to enjoy the classic episodes of “Drake & Josh” and relive the hilarious moments that made us fall in love with the show in the first place.

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